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K.I. 1 year, Level A2 basic course

"The lessons were relaxed and cheerful. I learned more than expected during this time. The different grammatical tenses and word order in sentences have improved. I am very sorry that I can't come any more. :-("

"Positive, nice atmosphere, super location. Motivated teachers. Could choose the lesson time which was great! We received a lot of material and different teaching methods were used."

K.B. 7 months, intermediate B1+

K.M. 1 year, Level A2 basic course

"Diversified lessons, lots of ideas such as stories, songs, crosswords (to build up vocabulary) etc. Grammar was unclear to me at first but got straighten out with time.Thank you very much for a great time I had. I always looked forward to the English lesson."

S.H. 2 months, Level Intermediate B1

"The lessons were well prepared and intensive. I liked that we only spoke English, even though I was caught off guard at the beginning.I would recommend this type of preparation course to anyone."

M.S. 2 years, Level A2, Holiday course to a basic course

"I learned exactly what I wanted to and now understand the language better. I would take this type of course (private lessons) again because it was fun."

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