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Course offers


Basic course

Basic courses usually follow a course book, giving the student a ready reference and lots of practise.


Refresher course

This type of course does not necessarily require a course book. However, sometimes it is helpful. Depending on the level of knowledge, we can work with newspaper articles, videos, or listening comprehension. This course material is provided in printed form.


Business English Course

Often our work these days requires at least a little knowledge of English. There is great teaching material available, aimed at many different target groups. Since we already have a lot of English terminology in our professional life, you are the professional in vocabulary and we help you to develop order in the course of a conversation, social behaviour in the English working world, strategies for telephone conversations and much more.


Conversation course

This course is suitable for people who already have a good vocabulary and like to speak freely. We will look for suitable topics, possibly also together. We look at adapted material and if necessary we explore and refresh grammar issues as they arise.

Your advantages with us:


+ A say in the choice of dates - day and time are agreed together

+ You decide what you want to learn and how quickly it should progress

+ You decide whether you want homework or not

+ You decide (from a certain level) what type of course you would like to have

+ You decide whether certain interests should be incorporated into the course

+ Personal counseling in individual or small group lessons



As we try to take into account the different customer preferences, we have competitive but not standardised pricing models to offer.


These vary according to the type of lesson. Private lessons, in groups of 2 or small classes (from 3 to max. 6 learners). Classes last 90 minutes and usually take place 1 time per week.


Please contact us to calculate your course costs.

English Tutor - Your language school for small groups or private lessons

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